Specialising in Premium Quality Moissanite Rings
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Specialising in Moissanite gemstone rings and engagement rings, we are redefining luxury and making prestige fine jewellery more attainable.

Our Moissanite gemstone, is the world’s most exquisite real gemstone and diamond alternative cut for lifetime brilliance and durability that is a fraction of the cost of diamonds.

However Moissanite rings are not all we do, we also design and create custom certified diamond and other fine jewellery at incredibly affordable prices.

Ask about our quick and easy interest free financing options to allow you to sparkle now, and pay later!


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All of the engagement rings and jewellery designs at Forever Chic Jewellery have 3 things in common – beauty, meticulous detail, and premium quality. From our premiere metalsmiths to our highly experienced stone setters, your jewellery is in the hands of masters of fine jewellery craft.

Moissanite Gemstone Rings

 Moissanite is a real and valuable gemstone and affordable alternative to standard diamonds. It has more fire, brilliance and lustre than any other gemstone and Forever Chic Jewellery’s Moissanite, (Forever LUXE),  is the highest quality around. It is cut for maximum lifetime brilliance and comes with free, included certification.


Coloured Gemstone Rings

Forever Chic Jewellery uses both genuine lab grown coloured gemstones and natural gemstones depending on the listing and customer’s request.  Regarding our lab grown gemstones, they are genuine, real gemstones, identical chemically, physically and optically to natural earth mined gemstones.


Certified Diamond Rings

Forever Chic Jewellery uses conflict free, high quality, best value for money exquisite diamonds in our fine jewellery diamond rings and engagement rings. Check out our most recent custom orders or get your very own unique diamond ring made. GIA and IGI diamond certification is available at Forever Chic Jewellery.


Exquisite Jewellery Designs made UNIQUE to you

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Unique, Stunning. One of a Kind Rings. 

Want the perfect ring or other piece of fine jewellery but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for?

We take your concept from an idea, to a custom jewellery design, to a finished work of art. You are involved throughout the whole process to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned.  We specialise in stunning Moissanite gemstone engagement rings, however we also create exquisite diamond or coloured gemstone rings, all at our incredibly best value for money prices.

Our jewellery experts are committed to you and to creating a fun, relaxing, and educational environment.



Specialising in Moissanite Gemstone Jewellery

The world’s most exquisite real gemstone and diamond alternative cut for lifetime brilliance and durability that is a fraction of the cost of diamonds.

Forever Chic Jewellery is located in Brisbane, Australia and specialises in Moissanite gemstone rings and engagement rings . Our unique Moissanite gemstone (Forever LUXE),  is rated higher in terms of fire and brilliance than standard diamonds and will last a lifetime.

As the world’s most brilliant gemstone, Forever Chic moissanite (Forever LUXE) outshines all the rest. As unique as you are, our Forever LUXE moissanite rings embody beauty and elegance in their own way. Our incredible Forever LUXE Moissanite gemstone is full of fire and perfect for those who want the highest quality responsibly sourced gemstones at an accessible price. 

Verified Customer Reviews

"I am IN LOVE with my Moissanite ring! I love the service I received at Forever Chic Jewellery. I have been raving about it to all my friends...From initial consultation to delivery of my beautiful sparkly moissanite ring. Couldn’t be happier. I was a little nervous at first buying online when I hadn’t known of moissanite previously and couldn’t see it in person but Forever Chic Jewellery were great with educating me all about it and showing me live videos etc and really reassured me and helped me feel confident in my purchase. Thanks so much! Highly recommend these guys."
Sophie B
Verified Review
"I reccommend Forever Chic Jewellery to Everyone! - I had an amazing experience - From the first quote to the final product Gemma was amazing. I was very skeptical about buying a ring online, but i'm so glad i did. Gemma bent over backwards for me and I was one of those annoying customers but she answered all my questions. The CAD design looked a bit different to what i had wanted but with Gemma's reassurance i trusted her and went for it. AND OMG it's beautiful. I'd recommend Forever Chic Jewellery to everyone. Quality product for a great price!"
Chloe Carr
Verified Review
"Very Happy - The valuation I got well exceeded what i actually paid for the sparkling radiant cut halo, white gold moissanite ring! - Forever Chic Jewellery custom made me a stunning white gold and moissanite ring. Their attention to detail and personalised service was fantastic, I was kept informed at every stage of the process. I couldn’t be happier with my beautiful Moissanite ring that is so sparkly on my finger. The valuation well exceeded the cost. I definitely recommend Forever Chic Jewellery to everyone. Can’t wait to design and order another one.”
Lisa Le Fleurs
Verified Review