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From the beginning, top rated jewellery designers at Forever Chic Jewellery,  take your concept from an idea to a custom jewellery design, to a three dimensional professional CAD drawing, and finally to a finished work of art. You are involved throughout the whole process to make sure you are happy with your finished custom fine jewellery piece.

All the rings and other fine jewellery at Forever Chic Jewellery are custom made at no additional charge. This means any design is possible and accessible to you. In fact, quite often our ring and other custom jewellery quotes come in lower than the price of the ring/jewellery design/s our customers show us for inspiration and elements they are wanting in their own custom ring or other jewellery piece desired.Getting a custom ring or other type of jewellery from Forever Chic Jewellery ensures you end up with the exact jewellery design you want, often at a lower cost than anywhere else, and gives you the opportunity to create something unique that suits your individual style.

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Our Moissanite gemstone rings are a real, valuable gemstone & affordable alternative to standard diamonds. They have more fire, brilliance & lustre.


We use conflict free, high quality, best value for money, exquisite diamonds in our diamond engagement rings. Both GIA and IGI diamond certification is available.


Our coloured gemstone rings are high quality genuine lab coloured gemstones or natural coloured gemstones depending on what is requested.

Verified Customer Reviews

Great service and excellent value for money. Choosing Forever Chic to purchase the custom ring was very lucky and best jewellery shop I could've chosen from.
Max Tango
Verified Review
Better then I expected for my budget! Will be back for any future jewellery needs, high recommend Forever Chic Jewellery. I was given friendly and helpful service here!
Ben S
Verified Review
Forever Chic are great to deal with, great engagement ring and great price. In the words of my fiancee, "Perfect in every way". We will be back to get matching bands!
Nathan Hamilton
Verified Review
I discovered Moissanite because of Forever Chic and I am so pleased I did. I was looking for affordable, so Moissanite was a great alternative that looks the same as diamond!
Bec L
Verified Review
Best value for money and excellent service! Love it. Highly recommend Forever Chic Jewellery, my ring makes me feel amazing and I get so many compliments.
Emily S
Verified Reviews
Thank you so much for my beautiful moissanite ring. It is absolutely stunning. Had wonderful customer service and excellent price. Will definitely be back!
Kate L
Verified Review

Our Custom Jewellery Design Service - Our Process


Chat to one of our Jewellery Consultants

Contact us to receive a no-obligation, custom jewellery quote based on your design concept, precious metal and gemstones requirements and hopes. Send us any ideas, design inspiration images and available budget to allow us to promptly get back to you with our best quote and specifications within your price guide. You'll be happy to know we always come in at the best prices around.

We Create a Custom Computerised Jewellery Design

Once your design concept has been finalised and an order placed, we will create a computerised (CAD) drawing design which displays multi-angled renderings of your custom jewellery piece. Images of your CAD drawing will be sent for you to approve or request modifications to your design. Next, our production team will cast your jewellery piece in the agreed design specifications.

Receive Images and Footage of your Finished Piece

Once your ring or other jewellery piece is completed, images and video will be sent to you for final status update of your order. Your diamonds or other gemstones will have been meticulously set by our expert jewellery craftsmen and stone setters. Your beautifully finished jewellery piece is then thoroughly inspected by our Quality Assurance team and securely shipped. The whole process takes approximately 3-4 weeks.

Custom Made Matching Wedding Bands

Need a Matching Wedding Band That Conveys Your Own Symbol Of Love?

What We Do & How We Can Help You

Exceptional Customer Service is what Forever Chic Jewellery is known for.

Forever Chic Jewellery specialises in high quality, affordable fine jewellery. We have a particular focus on Moissanite gemstone rings; as well as other fine jewellery including high quality, diamond jewellery and coloured gemstone jewellery. 

We are capable of designing and creating any ring or jewellery piece you desire including matching wedding bands for any of the rings we offer or design for you or you already have. If you are local to Brisbane we even offer in-person complimentary consultations to discuss your ideal piece of jewellery.

Our Jewellery Is Designed To Help Celebrate Life's Most Precious Moments

More About Moissanite

Moissanite is a real and valuable gemstone and affordable alternative to standard diamonds. It has more fire, brilliance and lustre than any other gemstone and Forever Chic Jewellery’s Moissanite Jewellery, is the highest quality around. It is cut for maximum lifetime brilliance, sparkle and durability.

As the world’s most brilliant gemstone, Forever Chic Jewellery’s moissanite  outshines all the rest.  As unique as you are, our luxe moissanite gemstone rings embody beauty and elegance in their own way.

This incredible unique, gemstone is full of fire and perfect for those who want the highest quality responsibly sourced gemstones at an accessible price.

Genuine Lab Diamonds Versus Ethical Natural Diamonds

Lab diamonds consist of the exact same chemical composition and materials as natural earth mined diamonds. The only difference is they originate from a lab rather than the earth and so are more affordable while maintaining high value and popularity. 

Forever Chic Jewellery use both genuine lab diamonds and ethical natural diamonds in our jewellery. Contact us with your request or enquiry for any diamond jewellery required or desired from our store.

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