When the occasion arises where you want to find the perfect ring whether that be for a wedding engagement or to treat yourself to celebrate a milestone or event in your life, you may be wondering where to start for such a big and important decision. Forever Chic Jewellery, recommends two top ways to go about choosing the perfect ring for you or your partner.

With so many styles and designs out there, it can be hard to know what ring you should choose. It all depends on the individual and the engagement or special dress ring that reflects their style, taste, and values. It is good to know there is a sparkler out there for every budget at Forever Chic Jewellery, whether that be a diamond ring, the best non-diamond gemstone ring like a stunning moissanite ring or a coloured gemstone ring.

Choosing the type of Gemstone for your Perfect Ring

When choosing the perfect gemstone for your ring you need to ask yourself, are you a traditionalist after the simplicity, elegance, innocence, integrity and harmony that diamonds or moissanite stand for, or does your personality and style allow for flair of colour?

Tip: Coloured gemstones are less conventional and may prove a less expensive option but they are softer than diamonds or moissanite.

2 Key Factors to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Ring

We believe there are two key things to consider in making your perfect ring decision: Ring Shape and Ring Style. When it comes to shape, there’s pear, cushion, round, princess, marquise, emerald or heart cut – a large selection of shapes to suit every engagement or dress ring and its wearer. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless round brilliant or boldly romantic princess cut, its geometric nature will be enhanced by its surroundings.

Tip: Each shape and cut shows off unique attributes that make the most of the stone’s properties.

When it comes to ring style, before looking at specific designs and settings, it’s a good idea to consider your personal taste – do you prefer classic, modern or vintage styles? Purchasing and choosing the perfect fine jewellery ring for an engagement or special milestone, is one of the biggest decisions you may make so don’t be afraid to take a risk and go a little bolder than your usual style statement and use social media tools such as Pinterest to gather your ideas.

Tip: The greatest key to selecting your jewellery style is what you connect with emotionally.

Choosing the Perfect Ring based on your Finger Length & Size

There is a ring shape and style to flatter every finger and hand that accentuates all the beauty of it while minimising the things you don’t like. In our professional experience at Forever Chic Jewellery, in the fine jewellery world over the years you should follow the following formula to find the perfect ring:

Finger Length x Width + Ring Shape + Style = the Perfect Ring.

Ring Shape & Style: Choosing the Perfect Ring Shape & Style

Different rings are more flattering on different finger types. Find the most flattering ring for your unique finger shape and size be it short, long, slim or wide by following the guide outlined below:

Perfect Ring for Long Fingers

Most ring styles work beautifully for long, slim fingers but we recommend you consider these points when choosing your perfect ring:

  • Princess cut and round brilliant cut gemstones as being particularly flattering. Round brilliant cut moissanite diamonds are particularly cut to maximise brilliance and sparkle.
  • Long fingers, if it suits you, can carry a bold ring setting.

Pink Sapphire Pear Cut & Diamond Accents Rose Gold Ring

Moissanite Princess \ Square Cut Engagement Ring

Diamond Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire With Accent Stones

Eg. Classical Ring Styles: Solitaire, Round Brilliant Cut Diamond or Moissanite Ring:

For those who have a traditional and elegant personality

A classical, traditional engagement ring style is a solitaire diamond or moissanite ring, such as the ring below by Forever Chic Jewellery. A solitaire ring design means there is only one gemstone in the ring. To show off the sparkling beauty of moissanite, a solitaire moissanite diamond is often mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting. If your personality prefers simplicity and elegance then the solitaire moissanite diamond ring choice is perfect for you. It’s also the ring type that stands the test of time and never goes out of fashion, so you can be confident you’ll always love it.

Perfect Ring For Short Fingers

The ring you choose for short fingers should help elongate your fingers no matter their width.

  • Oval, Pear, or Marquise shape gemstones, help lengthen the appearance of your finger.
  • Oval shaped moissanite diamonds sparkle exquisitely in a unique, elongated shape.
  • Pear shaped moissanite diamonds are both feminine and sophisticated.
  • Rectangular, emerald-shape or radiant cut stones can lengthen short fingers.
  • Narrow width ring bands can help create the illusion of length.

Oval Shape Moissanite Gemstone Rings

Oval Shape Moissanite Diamond Rings

Rectangular, Radiant Cut Moissanite Gemstone Rings

Pear Shaped Moissanite Gemstone Rings

Eg. Halo Ring Styles: Oval, Pear or Radiant Halo Moissanite or Diamond Rings

For those who have a stylish and outgoing personality
If you want to maximise the size of an engagement ring, the oval, pear or radiant halo style might be the way to go. With the oval halo moissanite diamond ring they are elongated, Halo moissanite diamonds look bigger than other stones of the same carat weight as the halo setting provides extra sparkle and also adds to the width of the ring, again making it appear bigger. A halo ring won’t look too overdone. Instead, it has a regal, vintage look that will make any woman feel like a queen.

Halo Ring Styles - Oval Halo

Eg: Ring Style: Geometric Moissanite or Diamond Ring

Geometric engagement rings feature angular shapes like squares and triangles to create a statement jewellery piece. The style is all about clean lines and sharp edges, enhancing the shine and brilliance of the stone. A geometric design can also accent a diamond’s unusual cut or shape, like a trillion. The appeal of a geometric engagement ring is that it’s unexpected. The classic ring is soft and round, whereas a geometric one has a bold attitude and isn’t afraid to stand out.

Geometric Ring Style - Octogonal Multi-Stone Moissanite Diamond Ring

Perfect Ring for Small Fingers

For small fingers it’s recommended you keep the overall proportions of your ring also small.

  • Small round cut, princess cut, oval or heart-shaped gemstones work particularly well on small fingers.

Eg. Ring Style: Minimalist Moissanite or Diamond Ring

If you wear understated, minimalist jewellery in your everyday life, your engagement or special dress ring should be the same. A fine, thin band in a classic metal like yellow gold, rose gold or platinum and a solitaire moissanite diamond creates a beautifully simple finish. There are many benefits to choosing a minimalist ring. It is perfect for stacking with other dainty jewellery, easy to clean and repair, and will always be comfortable to wear. Not to mention, minimalist rings never go out of style.

Precious Metal Options for the Perfect Ring

As you choose a shape and style for your perfect ring, it’s important to decide on the precious metal for the ring. You may prefer a specific colour of precious metal (yellow, white or rose) or a specific type of metal, (gold or platinum). What jewellery do you or your partner (if for an engagement ring), typically wear? Platinum and white gold are both silvery-white and more or less identical in hue. For a golden look, choose yellow gold or for a rose or pink hue choose rose gold.

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we often recommend 10k gold for your perfect ring as it combines affordability and durability benefits. 10k gold is still a precious metal but is the lowest cost type of gold available making it a good option if you’re shopping for a ring or other fine jewellery piece on a tight budget. Since it has the lowest gold content of any type of gold, 10k gold is also highly durable. You also wouldn’t easily tell the difference between a 10k gold ring and 14k gold ring.

If you have a bit more budget to spend on the precious metal component of your perfect ring, we also recommend 14k gold, it’s great looking and still affordable and durable. It costs more as it has more gold component compared to alloy versus a 10k gold ring but costs less than the high end gold of 18k gold which has more chance of bending or chipping due to it being softer.

Closing Words: Choosing the Perfect Ring

Be true to your personality and style but keep an open mind when choosing your ring. One advantage of buying your engagement or special dress ring from an online jeweller is the expanded access you get to ring styles and the usually more affordable price tags. At Forever Chic Jewellery any type of ring is possible as we focus on custom designed and made rings at no additional service fee. To choose the perfect ring, consider what fits yours or your partners (if for an engagement ring) lifestyle and personality best.

Still need help or advice on getting the perfect ring?

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