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Introducing our Forever LUXE Moissanite Gemstone rings under $1,500 that include designs in solid gold and platinum, solid sterling 925 silver. They were particularly designed for our popular request of a promise ring | girlfriend ring | Commitment ring but are also well suited for gift rings or other special occasion rings where a luxury more budget conscious item is desired. 

Promise rings represent a special symbol of love and commitment.  Many couples choose promise ring styles featuring our popular Forever LUXE Moissanite gems and Platinum, over solid sterling silver rings to present to their partner.

Each stunning piece is presented in luxury ring box packaging.

Exchanging promise rings can signify a variety of things depending on what the couple chooses.

 Often, a promise ring symbolises a promise to one day become engaged but if not that it is at least a genuine commitment of their love for their partner.

When someone is gifted with a Forever Chic Jewellery, luxury Moissanite promise ring, they are receiving a sincere and special ring symbolising a strong connection their partner has for them.


More Designs to Come Soon...

All our promise rings | Gift Rings | Special Occassion Rings, are in stock, ready made items for best pricing and your convenience. However if you’d like a custom designed and created ring please contact us for our best quote and delivery timeframe. We also offer a complementary custom jewellery design service.

Promise rings for your true love

Looking for other ring designs or prefer a custom made ring?

We want your promise ring, or gift ring, or  other special occasion ring to be perfect. These are just a selection of our most popular, in stock ring designs. If you would like to see more or have your own request please contact us for a friendly, prompt response. 

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