Why Moissanite Engagement Rings are the Top Choice for Millennial Couples

Why Moissanite Gemstone is the Top Engagement Ring Choice for Millennial Couples

In the past few years, Australia has witnessed a dramatic shift in the spending behaviours of the millennial generation. With a rise in the cost of living in Australian cities, millennials are now spending much less than they did before.  According to a report released by insurance firm Allianz, millennials are forking out much less […]

Affordable Engagement Rings for Those on A Budget

Affordable Engagement Rings: The Options Are you in search of the perfect engagement ring, something a bit different for an affordable price, that you know she?ll love? Expensive diamond engagement rings aren?t the only type of engagement ring men buy for their bride to be. You have a wide selection of other modern ring options […]

Best Non Diamond Engagement Ring for those Wanting the Diamond Look

Best Non-Diamond Engagement ring, closest to Diamonds Selecting an engagement ring is a very personal and special journey and the key essential factors in making your choice for such an important purchase are that it perfectly symbolises your unique love for your partner, will endure the test of time, is affordable and within your budget. […]