Besides your wedding, your engagement is one of the most important events of your life.  You want to capture the moment so you can share it with others and enjoy it for years to come.

Creating stunning engagement ring photos is a popular way to share the news of your engagement while putting your gorgeous ring on display.  How can you create Instagram-worthy engagement ring photos?

Engagement Ring Photo Ideas for Lasting, Beautiful Memories

Engagement ring photography displays not just the love of the newly engaged couple, but also the beauty of the ring itself.

High-quality engagement photos allow you to fully exhibit the brilliant fire and shine of engagement ring stones other than diamonds, such as those in our Moissanite engagement rings.


Follow these photography tips to help you create engagement ring photos you will cherish forever.

1. Showcase Your Ring

Put your Moissanite engagement ring on a display stand. By keeping distractions to a minimum, you will be able to show off the full brilliance of your ring.

You can also take a photo of your engagement ring in its box. Luxury brands pay close attention to detail, so the box your ring comes in can be an elegant feature in your engagement ring photos.

Engagement Ring photos Australia

2. Embrace Vibrant Colours

While black and white engagement ring photos are quite popular right now, there is something equally dramatic in adding colour to your photos.

You can do this sparingly, keeping to the black and white or neutral palette but adding a splash of colour, like a red rose.

Or you can embrace colour and display your ring in a setting with colours that draw the eye to the fire within the Moissanite stone(s). One way to do this is to add a colourful background for the ring box or stand, like a favourite scarf or another piece of fabric. Another option is to use a nail polish that has similar tones to the colours in your engagement ring.

3. Add Props for Extra Personality

Props can make your engagement ring photos unique, showing off your personality.

Are you a lover of words? Add some Scrabble pieces to your photo setting. 

instagram selfie engagement ring

4. Add Your Loved Ones

An engagement is about the love between two people, the life that they are going to share, and the family they are going to create. Therefore, your engagement ring photos do not simply have to be “all about the ring.”

During your engagement ring photo shoot, try taking a picture of you and your fiancé holding hands.  The lovely ring is still on display, but the love you and your partner share is the main attraction.

If pets are an important part of your life, they can be added to your engagement ring photos as well.  You can try taking a photo of you patting your dog while showing off your ring.  Or perhaps get a close-up image of the ring box between their paws.

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puppy engagement ring photos
moissanite ring engagement photos

Tips for Taking Instagram-Worthy Engagement Ring Photos

While our luxury Moissanite engagement rings are beautiful on their own, you can enhance their beauty with a few photographic tricks.  Here are some photography tips that will put your exquisite engagement ring on full display.

1. Lighting

The best light is natural light. Take photos outside or near a window. Test some images first to make sure you are avoiding shadows that can hinder your ring’s brilliance.

2. Angle

When taking a photo – whether during a photo shoot or while taking a selfie – you learn how to angle your face to show off your best features. Use the same principles for your engagement ring photos. Find the angles that show off your Moissanite ring’s lustre and shine.

3. Editing

Try a photo editing app, like Photoshop Express, to:

  • Crop
  • Add contrast
  • Adjust the saturation
  • Sharpen the image

4. Avoid the Zoom Feature

If you are taking your own engagement ring photos with a smartphone, avoid using the zoom feature. Doing so can result in a pixilated photo.

Instead, manually adjust the distance by moving your phone.

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photography moissanite engagement rings

Create Engagement Photos You Cannot Wait to Share

In addition to taking engagement ring photos that focus on the ring itself, you can also create engagement photos of you and your partner. Photographers recommend the following:

  • Coordinate Your Photo Shoot: Your attire should have a connection with the season and environment you will be shooting in. For example, if your photo shoot is on the beach during a warm summer day, wear light, airy fabrics to correspond to the fresh ocean breeze.
  • Shoot Your Photos at a Meaningful Location: The backdrop of your photos will tell others a lot about you as a couple. For example, if you love nature, schedule the shoot in a forest or a beautiful, lush valley. You can also shoot your engagement photos at the location where your fiancé proposed for a dash of sentimentality.
  • Let Your Guard Down: The best engagement photos are those that display the deep love between the couple. Avoid posing too much. Engage in a conversation with your partner, laugh with them, show your affection. Within these moments, your photographer will find still images that will touch the hearts of all who look at them.

Invest in a Luxury Ring That You Are Passionate About

Your engagement photos will display two things: The love you and your fiancé share and your beautiful engagement ring.

At times, finding a ring, you are passionate about, and that is within budget can be challenging. If you love the look of diamonds but do not want to pay the high price for them, consider investing in a Moissanite ring.

Moissanite engagement rings are a luxury alternative to diamonds. The stone’s durability and brilliance are comparable to diamonds, so you do not have to worry about sacrificing beauty for an astronomical price tag.

A proposal is one of life’s extraordinary events, one that you will never forget. Make sure you have a custom engagement ring that matches the specialness of that moment.

Your partner’s proposed – congratulations! Now, you need to find an engagement ring that is distinguished and matches your luxurious style. Take a look at our unique non-diamond engagement ring collections.    

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