Top 4 Reasons to Get a Lab-Grown Diamond or Other Gemstone Ring Over A Natural One {Busting Myths}.

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"From a relentless obsession for perfection, the ideal balance of beauty, quality and value is finally here for everyone to experience."

- CEO - Gemma Caruso

Engagement rings hold a great deal of emotional value for both partners. It serves not only as a symbol of love but also signifies the mutual commitment and beginning of a new chapter. Therefore, buying an engagement ring becomes such an important landmark; yet, it’s a perplexing affair, given the wide range of choices available in the market. 

Starting from the type of gemstones to its design to budget, the process of selecting your favourite engagement ring entails many critical choices. Due to the growing ethical and environmental awareness, and more available diamond education, consumers are growingly preferring genuine, real “lab-grown” diamonds, coloured gemstones and diamond alternative options such as Moissanite gemstone, over quite often the unethical “natural” earth mined gem options.


Natural or earth mined diamonds are often the most commonly thought of type of diamonds when people think of “diamonds”.  However, they certainly aren’t the only “label” of a diamond that defines a genuine and real diamond.  “Lab-grown”  diamonds are, in fact, still defined also as real and genuine diamonds with the only real difference being in their origin. 

Earth formed or “natural” diamonds have several limitations such as their prohibitive price points and short supply, among others. For these reasons, over the past several years, consumers have increasingly gravitated towards lab-grown diamonds, over their natural variety. Most people are unaware that actually over 50% of the diamond jewellery market consists of lab-grown diamonds, according to Forbes.

So, what makes lab-grown diamonds such a preferred choice? Consumer education has created consumer acceptance as people learn that lab-grown diamonds are NOT artificial or fake diamonds but, in fact, identical to their natural counterparts and defined as real, genuine diamonds as well.

Before we delve deeper into that territory, let’s first learn a bit about the difference between lab-grown gemstones or diamonds and natural ones.

Lab-grown Diamonds Versus Natural Diamonds

Lab-grown gemstones and diamonds are actually real and genuine gems, created in high-tech labs that mimic the exact same environment that earth mined diamonds form in.  Natural diamonds or other gems are mined from the earth and take many more years to form and quite often have more noticeable impurities or imperfections. In a nutshell, that’s really the only difference. 

Lab-grown diamonds are optically, chemically and physically identical to their natural, earth mined diamonds, but form much quicker and with no or minimal impurities or imperfections.

Probably, the most enticing feature of a lab-grown diamond over a natural one, is affordability, for essentially the same thing, with lab diamonds approximately 40%-60% more affordable with Forever Chic Jewellery’s Forever LUXE lab diamonds (compared to the average industry 30-40% difference in price and savings). 

Lab-grown Diamonds are NOT Diamond Simulants Or Fake

While shopping for gemstones, especially diamonds, it’s also important to understand the difference between lab-grown diamonds and diamond stimulants, and know and be clear that they are NOT the same thing.

Unlike lab-grown diamonds, diamond stimulants ARE NOT carbon based likewise with natural diamonds; they’re made from materials such as zirconia. For example, cubic zirconia (cz) is manufactured from zirconium dioxide and it is relatively inexpensive. 

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we use both genuine Forever LUXE lab-grown as well as natural diamonds and gemstones in our jewellery and each piece comes fully certified by independent international authorities. It just depends on our customers preference, request and budget.

REASON 1: {Better Prices} - Lab-grown Diamonds Cost Much Less

Arguably, price pays a very key role in the increasing popularity of lab-grown diamonds which will cost a whopping 40%-60% per cent less than natural diamonds of identical colour, clarity and size, at Forever Chic Jewellery. As a matter of fact, the demand for lab-grown diamonds has gone through the roof in the past couple of years, with even diamond giants like DeBeers entering the lab-grown diamond market. 

Moreover, the short supply of natural diamonds also accounts for the skyrocketing demand for lab-grown diamonds. Since natural diamonds take hundreds of years to grow, they’d always be short on supply and more costly, in comparison.


REASON 2: {More Grade Options} - Lab-grown Diamonds Offer More Grade Flexibility

Lab-grown diamonds, just like natural diamonds, are graded using the standard 4C’s parameters such as clarity, cut, colour and carat. However, clarity and colour are both considered as more important factors in deciding the grade of diamonds to select for your forever jewellery piece. 

Both GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and IGI (International Gemological Institute) use the standardised colour grading on a D-to-Z scale, wherein D is attributed to the rarest of rare, colourless diamonds while L is assigned to faint yellow diamonds. 

Read our diamond education guide here for more information.

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we offer better grade flexibility to our customers by proudly offering the best prices on the market for real, lab grown diamond jewellery of only the highest of grades compared to the same grade of a natural one and compared to other retailers Australia wide and often worldwide.

We offer our customers the best balance of the 4 Cs for ultimate beauty that works within your available budget to ensure your whole experience of such a special jewellery journey is perfect! You can learn more about our complementary custom jewellery design service here.

REASON 3: {More Design Options} - Lab-grown Diamonds Offer More Design Flexibility

Unlike mined, or natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable, which allows you to create your engagement ring with many more options in your custom ring design such as the size and shapes of the diamonds and the number of diamonds on the ring.

You can choose from fancy shapes (generally a more expensive shape and thus often out of reach), such as emerald, oval marquise, heart, pear or radiant cuts and and then you can customise it further by going with a range of settings that you may ordinarily be unable to do with more costly natural gem designs.

REASON 4: {Ethics} - Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Environmentally Friendly and Conflict-Free

While the price of diamond rings is a key consideration for an average buyer, many consumers also consider the environmental and ethical aspects while purchasing diamond jewellery, especially when they buy an engagement ring.

Most of the ethically-sensitive consumers largely prefer lab-grown diamonds over mined diamonds as this aspect is meaningful to them and inline with their values.

Unlike mined diamonds, which are often sourced in  questionable fashions, lab-grown diamonds are developed in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Not only does it bring great value and right sentiment to your investment but it often genuinely gives most a great of deal of peace of mind.

{Bonus Benefits } Lab-Grown Diamond and Gemstone Rings Reflect Your True Style & Personality

Lab diamond rings are special in that they reflect more truely your unique personality, style and fantasy, by your most preferred ring being much more attainable!  The best diamond ring purchase often comes from a combination of great value, personalised design, and unique colour and sparkle.

Lab-grown diamonds and other gemstones combine all of these features while importantly being budget-friendly for more consumers.  Hence, it becomes a preferred choice for many engagement ring buyers.

The important thing to remember is that lab diamonds are still real, genuine and authentic diamonds, that come with certification just like natural diamonds do from the same authorities such as IGI and GIA. 

Final Words and Closing Summary

At Forever Chic Jewellery, we understand that it can be a little confusing for you to choose between lab-grown or natural diamonds. We walk you through the process of understanding the best possible options within your budget at no obligation, and if you choose to proceed, you are assigned a dedicated jewellery design specialist who will work with you every step of the way to come up with your perfect ring.

All of our exquisite lab-diamond rings or even coloured lab gemstone rings come fully certified and beautifully presented.

We aim to bring you complete satisfaction of your purchase with the best value for money prices around, exceptional personalised service and free complementary jewellery design service and education guidance.

Perfectly Priced Tailored to YOU Engagement Rings

 Modern luxuries tailored to you. Forever Chic Jewellery’s unmistakable artistry translates into an accessible, personalised fine jewellery collection. This is design house expertise within reach. Timeless, covetable pieces, handcrafted, made to order and all priced to meet your needs. Engagement rings start from under AUD $2,000.

Learn more about Forever Chic Jewellery’s Custom Jewellery Service here.

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